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Speaking Events for 2018


Keynote Speaker

Denise Mountenay is a seasoned Keynote speaker.  For over 20 years she has been sharing her testimony to thousands of people in Conferences, Universities, High Schools and Churches.  She candidly exposes the lies and rhetoric, with truth and common sense.  She teaches on the damage of legal abortion to women along with the precious humanity of children in utero.  Her sense of humour, heartfelt passion and personal experience brings insight and knowledge to this difficult subject.

October 2018

Oct. 13th -Speaking at Women's ARISE Conference in Banff, Alberta

Oct. 16th - Speaking at CWL in Red Deer, Alberta


Sept. 12 to 16th -Spoke and was a Moderator at the XII World Congress of Families in Chisinau, Moldova. Blessed to meet the President and many international colleagues.

Sept. 16 to 24th-Prayed and stayed in Jerusalem for Yom Kippur


Aug. 2- Had a Radio Interview

Aug. 12 to 16th- Attended the National CWL


May 12th -Spoke at Pro-Life Conference in London, UK

May 14 to 16- Spoke in Belfast, Ireland

May 20th to 26th- Attended the United Nations WHO-Assembly and spoke at and hosted a Parallel Event with a former abortion doctor. 


April 13th- Spoke at the Catholic Women's League Convention in Quesnel, BC. 


March 2018

March 1 to 5th- Attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN.

March 16 to 24th-Lead a team of 12 women into the United Nations, New York Headquarters for the Commission on the Status of Women. Hosted and spoke at a Side Event inside the UN with Dr. I. Skopp an OB/GYN and 5 women testifying on the damage of legal abortion.